Sunday, February 16, 2014

Should I go further to get closer

“Be in Saree while you are in our township.”  Strictly instructed by my father-in-law to me, while I was 7 days old in marriage. I nodded my head.

Before marriage, I never used to wear Saree if there was no occasion, be in office or any other place. Wearing a Saree that time was an excitement, celebration. But, wearing round the clock, I wondered how it would be!

My husband is posted in Mumbai. As he works in an Oil company, he has to be on duty for 15 days and next 15 days are holidays. So, 13 days (minus travel, though by air), he stays at home. 

I took a month leave from my office for marriage. Seven days after our marriage, my husband had to leave for Mumbai. As it was an arranged marriage, we tried to spend some time with each other during those 7 days, but our relatives and acquaintance were so eager to see the bride, inviting the new couple for lunch and dinner, that we hardly got time to talk with each other. 

In the morning, I had to get up early to meet some expectation of my parents-in-law. So, early to bed, early to rise became my motto.  Had to go for lunch at someone’s home and dinner at someother’s. Then I couldn’t say “No” if the host wanted to serve more than I could devour, otherwise I would get to hear lots of comment, or the comments would go directly to the parents-in-law’s ears.  So, had to gulp the food more than my capacity and then coming back home, be in medicine and keep trying to make myself fit for the dinner. 


After a month, I also joined my office. I started driving the car of my father-in- law. Everytime, driving to office, going to the market or mall, going to park or family picnic (used to feel like an alien), wearing Saree all the time was giving me a bitter feeling.  My parents-in law are lovely, well-understanding, thus I did not want to revolt on their first instruction of being in Saree all the time. I compromised with this dressing style...though still crave for the Suridar, western attire! 


While my husband comes home for 13 days, I have to be in office for the whole day, rest of the time, had to help my Mother-in-law in cooking, washing utensils etc., and in bed time, used to feel so sleepy that hardly could talk to my dear eagerly-waiting husband. Saturday and Sunday, as usual, go to some relative’s place to keep the formalities.

Now, it’s been six months of our marriage. There is a good news…..I have conceived….I can see excitement and joy in everyone’s eyes. Me and my husband – both are also happy, but, just looking back and trying to calculate the hours of our togetherness – how much we have come to know each other. Probably once the baby comes to the earth, our world will revolve around him/her. Wondering whether we will be able to know, understand each other very closely ever!!!!!

Just feeling like going further to get closer….. 

Should I call British Airways.....???

**Note this story is written for British Airways.

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